REO Dealmakers | Part ThreeI can assure you from experience that buying REO’s and Bulk REO packages out of state can be a task. But with solid real estate comps and the technology available today, it is very possible to make these deals long distance, and make profitable deals on properties you may never physically see. The key is having licensed, bonded professionals that are capable to assist you with the due diligence necessary to determine if the REO property is worth your initial investment.

The discounts out there for the ones able to tackle with these types of issues are often too tempting to pass by. These deals create potentially tremendous profits. So, do your homework, have the homes inspected, and find all the facts before jumping in. With a combination of due diligence, hard work, those potentially amazing profits are there for the taking.

I challenge you to take these tools and make them work in your favor. Take the time to invest in REO deals and see your profits rise.

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