Flipping houses is the fastest business model to make profits in real estate investing. It is also the first venue of real estate investment that comes to mind that needs little to no money capital.

When done right, one can cash out of the deal in just two to three weeks. You can easily generate $5000 to $10,000 for each deal, with very little effort. Typically you can do close three to five deals monthly on a part-time basis.  Full-time effort just makes the benefits larger.  I want you to be successful when you step into real estate investing.  Take these tips and apply them to your current process.

  1. Buy properties at the right price

You can find most rehab deals in the low to medium price range. Keep in mind that your profit depends on how fast you can turn the property over. In my investing market, this is houses under $100,000. Going too low could mean buying in undesirable areas. Going too high can mean few potential buyers to sell to. 

Come back next week for more tips on rehabbing properties!

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