You’ve done the real estate comps research, found the deal, fixed it up, now how do you get it sold? With Internet Marketing investors have the chance to promote their listings online with the freedom to exhibit as many characters as they need through social networking, websites, and squeeze pages. You can show off your property with appealing imagery (in color, not like the ugly black and white blurry images that the newspaper has!)

Many investors are using social networking platforms such as Craig’s List, “Yahoo! Real Estate”, Facebook, Google Base, YouTube and many more to effectively sell their homes. Buyers are turning away from reading the newspaper and prefer browsing the Internet to find what they need. The Internet offers users information at their own time and convenience.

Internet marketing also allows long distance buyers the opportunity to check out properties they would be interested in investing all over the country. Trends are revealing that online advertising for the real estate sector in particular, will progress rapidly and overtake traditional advertising methods within the next 5 years. Targeting online investors/buyers will help you sell your property at the best price possible and much more quickly than before.

It is important to have the right blueprint for real estate marketing online when you get into the industry. This is because most potential clients go to the internet to decide on future purchases and also go there to research the properties. A major component in a successful real estate investor’s marketing strategy is to make sure that they are known online and are visible to many people.

Advertise yourself and your properties all over the web in as any places as possible. You can do this through blogs, social networking and advertising. Make yourself known and you’ll get more quality buyers.

Of course you need InvestorCompsOnline which easily and quickly lets you evaluate all your deals for any market across the country. Not to mention having access to the Best Support System and Knowledgebase on the Internet to get help with valuating your deals.

Look, investors and buyers in 2010, like to do most of their advertising and searching via the internet. That is why it is so important to make yourself an authority on the internet and make your presence known on the net.

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