Yesterday we began discussing marketing options when you are selling a property. Today let’s look at two more: Internet advertising and finding corporate buyers. Having looked at the real estate comps and determining a great price will make these even easier.

The Internet has become such a popular advertising channel that almost every big company is getting into it. On the Internet, there are a lot of real estate directories that you can use to market your property. These directories usually offer free registration. Once you have registered, you can post a classified to market your deals. The traffic to these directories usually comprises of both sellers and buyers. So, there is a chance for you to find the right candidate to buy your house.

Other than selling your property to an individual, you should also look into companies. Nowadays, there are companies who like to invest in houses privately with vendors. These companies will usually pay cash for your home and ensure a quick transaction. However to find these companies, you need to network. They typically do not openly market their needs in the public.

Using any or all of these marketing tools will have you sitting at the seller’s table in no time! Remember marketing is key so quick turn around times! Of course don’t forget a trusty favorite way of marketing. You should always place a “For Sale” board outside your property to alert passers that you are selling your house.

Good luck with your sales!

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