In today’s current market we RE investor’s need to use as many tools as possible to get our names and business ideas heard. Now when we use real estate comps to price a property or decide to move into a new real estate business arena we can reach people worldwide. How, you ask? Being actively involved in social media and marketing by posting your info on one or all of the big three…Those sites being, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkIn.

Twitter: Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that asks a simple question: What are you doing? It is great for establishing an online reputation, finding new clients, and generating new leads. Twitter allows you to send short notes of 140 characters to your network of followers or people who follow your updates. Your messages to followers are called “tweets.” You can tweet property listings, investor announcements, or use tweets to build your email list.

Facebook: Facebook is like a virtual calendar: It’s a way for your “friends” to follow your day-to-day activities or updates. You can post updates about your real estate investments, stay in touch with investors, and even generate leads. It’s great for keeping in touch with old leads and contacts. It’s best to begin your business Facebook marketing efforts with a fan page – a dedicated page for businesses. You can “fan” others and others can “fan” your page to see your updates. You can post links to real estate stories, pictures, videos, and more.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a virtual networking tool that connects you with people around the world. It uses the power of the Internet to leverage interactions, find new opportunities and clients.

No matter what platform you use, remember social media is all about interaction and not just selling. To be effective, you’ve got to give information and interact with your followers. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn aren’t all about blasting your investment properties and constantly asking for referrals. It’s about building relationships with authenticity. Social media takes time, so take time to make it work for you and your business!

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