How do you get yourself noticed? What can make you stand out amongst all the other investors or real estate professionals in the industry? Besides offering the advice to take of advantage of current real estate comps, I want to suggest a few more tips to get more out of your marketing. Namely, being different from others, being bold, and being sure to prioritize when making your name known.

1) Be different, Stand out. Find your niche. By this I mean find something that you do well and do it with excellence. It may be researching real estate comps or actually finding properties. Whatever it is be the best in that area. So effective that when someone mentions your niche, your name is synonymous with it.

2) Be bold. If you are attempting to market your skill set, keep your focus on that particular niche. Be confident in yourself and your knowledge of your field. Potential clients and business partners want someone that is credible.

Finally, stay on task and find out what exciting possibilities are out there. Don’t limit yourself to what you know or have done before, always strive to take your business to the next level!!

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