homestaging-vacant-main-photo-1024x683Every realtor and stager knows that vacant properties are difficult to sell and they tend to get over-looked by buyers. Without furniture, an empty property can tend to draw the potential buyer’s attention to its flaws and areas that may need updating. Staging creates lifestyle into vacant homes and adds personality to an empty space.

Experienced investors put aside a staging budget because they have found that all their investment and effort can go to complete waste without the finishing touch of staging it.

Staging vacant homes does not have to be an expensive proposition,  furniture rental companies make it much easier for owners of vacant homes to rent furniture and furnishings versus purchasing them. It is very important to remember that sometimes proper staging can make or break the deal.

It is possible for you, the investor, to stage your own property, but you have to know what to use to furnish the home and what to avoid. The overall look of a well-staged property is not the same as a personal living space.   A well-staged property is neutral yet exciting. This is key to making every buyer feel like they can make the home their own with maybe a few little changes.

Learning to always create an open canvas for a buyer is important to the sell. Successful investors make it work because they know from experience that furnished and decorated properties have an profitable advantage over vacant houses.

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