Inevitably, trouble will invade our lives: A bad report from a medical test, the betrayal of a trusted friend, a child who rejects us, or a spouse who leaves us. The list of possibilities is long, but there are only two options: forge ahead on our own, or turn to God.

Flying solo into the face of trouble is not a good idea. It can lead to bad behavior patterns, blaming God, and retreating into defeat. Like the Israelites, we may spin out of control and int o despair (Num. 14:1-4 ).

Over the years I have seen many clients of InvestorComps rely on our Valuation Support, only to shortly thereafter try to go it on their own and pay too much for a property. Now I can’t quite relate the Israelites faithlessness entirely to God with real estate. But you get the idea. Watch out for the trouble coming your way.

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart…lean not to your own understanding.

Prov 3.5. Let the Father lead you in all things and avoid the trouble ahead. Be like Caleb and Joshua, who opted to turn to the Lord with this confidence: “The Lord is with us” (14:9). When your troubles show up, what will you do?

God’s presence is a life preserver that keeps the soul from sinking in a sea of trouble. Having good comps and InvestorComps backing you up ain’t bad either. In both cases you will sleep much better. Yeah, I had to go there. 😉

See you next Sunday.


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