The workers labored faithfully

This past week has brought some interesting discoveries about my business. One of my most trusted team members has gone on to pursue their true passion. With the transition has come resuming some tasks I hadn’t done for two years.

Truly the most beautiful revelation to come this week was to discover how deeply the team member cared about my business. Now I knew she was outstanding, but Wow!

As the writer shares in 2 Chronicles 34:8-14, in an effort to repair the temple, numerous people were hired and given various assignments. Many tasks were delegated for efficiency. But all the leaders and team members labored faithfully. All allocated funds were exchanged for wages and materials in complete trust.

No words written or expressed could share my sincere and genuine appreciation for the high level of integrity my firm was been shown. My joy come to my team member sharing the development of her work ethic. It comes from Col 3:23. And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord. With this mantra in mind, to labor faithfully was a breeze.

Whatever you do work it with ALL YOUR HEART, as working for the Lord NOT for men. Col 3:23

They can say it we all try to do our best. But when we base on efforts in the word of God, how can we go wrong? Let us all labor faithfully as my treasurer team member heartily, as to the Lord.

See you next Sunday.


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