Our God doesn’t dress like you!

My wife, son and I went to see the new Avengers movie based on several Marvel comic book characters. We truly enjoyed the movie as it was quite entertaining. God’s message is everywhere...even in comic characters. I found two scenes from the movie which were quite memorable. 

First, Lokie (a self-proclaimed god) as he encounters the Hulk begins to express he is a god and has all this might and power. Before Lokie can brag and boast, Hulk grabs him like a rage doll, bounces him off the floor and walls finally slamming him down. Finished toying with Lokie, the Hulks refers to him as “puny”. 

The second scene I want to share is also an exchange where Lokie is present. Only his time with Tony Stark. Stark in a retort to Lokie states to the affect, our god doesn’t dress like you. 

I found these two parts of the movie profound as the writers whether intended or by accident shared marvelously (pun intended) how special our God is. Our Lord is in no way “puny” nor has the need to adorn “fancy clothing”. God is everywhere with knowledge and wisdom we can’t begin to fathom. Equally, there is no raiment needed to clothe the simple and pure truth God has to share with each of us.

We must be careful to refrain from serving other gods. Rest assured these other gods are all around us. It could be the car we drive and treasure, a new fishing rod, a piece of jewelry or designer hand bag. Each of these and many other forms could be our god if we aren’t mindful of our actions and thoughts. Let us all go forward sharing the words of God from

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways my ways,” Says the Lord.   Isaiah 55:8

And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. This devotional may have its origin from a movie meant to entertain. However, the message to us is the same...our God isn’t puny and he doesn’t dress like us.

See you next Sunday,


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