We Trust Our Mom’s

If a wild life photographer stuck their camera into the bush to take a picture of baby robins, they would open their mouths without opening their eyes. They are so used to having mama robin feed them whenever the branches moved that they wouldn’t even look to see who (or what) was causing the disturbance.

This is the kind of trust that loving mothers instill in their children. That is the kind of mom I am blessed to have. Growing up, I could eat whatever food she put on the table without fear that it would harm me. Although she made me eat things I didn’t like, I knew she did so because they were good for me. If she cared only about what was easy for her, she would have let me eat less than nutritious food. No matter what Mom told me to do, or not to do, I knew she had my best interest in mind. She wasn’t trying to keep me from having fun; she was trying to protect me from being hurt. That is the kind of relationship we have with God, who compared Himself to a mother:

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you
Isa. 66:13 

As His children, we have no reason to fear what happens to us nor to envy what happens to others: “Do not be envious of the workers of iniquity” Ps. 37:1. When we trust His goodness, we are fed by His faithfulness. 

Lord, we’re thankful for this example of motherhood. But even more, we’re grateful for Your faithful “mothering” of us displayed in Your compassion day by day. Help us to love You and all our mothers as you love us.

Happy Mother’s Day

See you next Sunday.


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