I once recall, in the course of one week, a couple of very special events took place.  A company out of Salt Lake City, Utah held a month-long campaign to give away a free house to a metro Atlanta in need. Very simply contestant had to express why they should receive the home in only a few phrases. The winner, a single father with two daughters was nominated by his sister who lives in Washington, DC.

I had the occasion to meet the father as I and my partners were sponsors of the home giveaway. We will be supporting him with financial literacy training and other home-owner related education. Our goal is to assist the father with his blessing and be a good steward of his new home.

The second event is quite similar. My teenage son was with me during the visit with the winner of the home. He was very helpful to the media staff and other personal on site all of his own volition. This behavior did not go unnoticed by one of the Utah based company owners.

As we prepared to depart for the day, this owner took a moment to speak with my son handing him a sum of money. The charge, to use the funds and increase it and give a report the next time they meet. Now my son had no idea when he will see this gentleman again. However, rest assured there is no doubt they will, it’s just when and where which remains. 

In the book of Matt 25:14-30, Christ gives the parable of the “talents” Both the homeowner and my son have a great responsibility. They must insure they are bold and accountable stewards to grow the “talents” given to them.

Equally, each of us has the same charge whether we know it or not. Regardless of our station in life, God has given us this very day to use our many talents. We are to touch lives, we are to serve others, we are to teach, and we are to be good stewards of every breath, for we know not the day or hour our accountability.

I remember feeling confident the winner would honor his daughters and the new home which shelters them. My son has been guided in the many ways he may grow his given “talents” The exciting part is I know God is watching me as well. You can see He is using me to touch them both. My job, to earn the reading of the scripture, Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things; I wish the very same for you.

See you next Sunday,


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