Never Hate Your Own Body

On a trip to St Andrews, Scotland I attended Sunday Worship at Holy Trinity located on the corner of South St and you guessed it, Church St.

The congregation was warm and welcoming as they shared morning coffee and cake before service began. I had the good fortune to be introduced to several members who were so gracious. One gentleman was so kind providing directions to the restroom before worship service. I was certainly quite grateful.

The music, fellowship and message of the day were truly a blessing to the soul. As part of the service, there were several brief announcements. One such item was the 50th Wedding Anniversary of a couple who were also long time members. As it turns out the same gentleman who helped me earlier was the husband who was celebrating his wedding anniversary.

It truly is admirable to witness two who became one creating a life long bond. As the word shares in the book Ephesians … “He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one ever hated their own body”. Regardless of the type of committed relationship you maintain, God desires for us to focus on avoiding a lack of love for ourselves, such that we can love others more deeply.

The following day on Monday afternoon I was walking along any area named the Himalayas. The Himalayas is a vast few acres of land within the St Andrews Golf Links at which any time of day anyone from child to seasoned adult may practice putting a golf ball. Essentially a Putt Putt golf course on steroids and complete free to all.

The lovely couple pictured called my name as I walked by following a lunch meeting. It was none other than the 50th Anniversary Couple. No wonder their marriage has sustained the test of time. They were out putting together on the Himalayas, playing with a glee no written words could capture. What a living testimony.

Share a time when you have demonstrated love for yourself and as such another. Your share here will bless another and I promise to write you back.

See you next Sunday,


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