Love Each Other As God Loves Us

I regret it now, but in my youth I was at times wild and rebellious. One day I went roaring up to my dad (The Master Chef) at work in my dripping wet swim trunks to ask for some money. Bare chest slopping water everywhere, I burst into my father’s main kitchen and walked right into a meeting of his lead cooks and pantry Chef.

Without hesitation, my dad identified me as his son. Then he proudly introduced me to every member of the staff. He did not apologize for his son or show any shame or guilt. I write this now in, My Sunday Devotional to You, that the love and respect my father gave me that day never left me, even during the remainder of my rebellious years.

Our children don’t have to earn our love. To withhold love for our own selfish purposes is to follow the enemy, not God. God’s love for us is undeserved. We did nothing to earn it nor can any no good in us merited it. “God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom. 5:8). In all our relationships, especially with our children, we must genuinely show that same kind of love.

We are called to treat our children and all people, with love and respect. It helps to remember what we were when Christ died for us…sinners. 

Help us Lord to show respect and love to others, always mindful of the fact each of us is created in Your image. May Your love shine through our lives and bring praise and honor to You.

Share a time when you know your parents showed love instead of shame or harm upon you. Your share will bless another and I promise to write you back.

See you next Sunday


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