Let God Shine Always


Does the beginning of this story sound familiar. You aren’t happy to be making a trip back to a fine department store. The reason is the previous day, you, your partner, sibling, loved one or friend made a good number of purchases. You are back trying to get a refund for three of the items.

The rest of the story goes like this, waiting in line it seems as though you heading down a dead-end road. Watching and listening the customer service line appears to more like customer no service. You wondered if you would ever get your refund, but you strive to be gracious.

After nearly 60 minutes in line (with your feet truly sore) the manager says, “By now, customers are usually yelling at me, but you’ve been so patient.” Then the manager says, “Let’s try something.” They ask me some questions and punched some numbers into a cash register. After a short delay and some amazing stories about irate customers, the machine spits out a receipt showing a refund! Your purchased items return nightmare was over. “Thanks for being so good to work with,” the manager says as you part ways.

While being nice when we didn’t feel like it will always help in such a process, getting the complete return is not why we should show kindness to others. The real reason is as believers in God we are to reflect the light of our Lord (Eph. 5:8) on everyone whether it’s an irate neighbor, a bumbling waiter, or a department store manager. Our speech and behavior are to be a positive witness.

Are you facing a conflict? Let God’s light shine through. Share a time where your light of God shined through to others. Your share will bless another and I promise to right you back.

See you next Sunday.


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