Let’s Choose Life


What is God’s will for our life? The question haunts us as we are growing up. What if we couldn’t find it? What if we didn’t recognize it? God’s will for many of us most seem like a needle in a haystack. Hidden, obscured by lookalikes or outnumbered by counterfeits.

However, our view of God’s will is wrong because our view of God is wrong. God takes no pleasure in seeing us lost, wandering, searching. The Lord wants us to know God’s will for our life. God makes it clear, and God makes it simple. God doesn’t even make it multiple-choice. God gives just two choices: “life and good” or “death and evil” as shared in Deut. In case the best choice isn’t obvious, God even says which one to choose: “Choose life”. To choose life is to choose God’s way and obey Word of God.

When Moses addressed the Israelites for the last time, he pleaded with them to make the right choice by observing “all the words of this law. . . . Because it is your life”. God’s will for us is life. God’s Word is life. God may not give a prescription for every decision, but God gave us a perfect example to follow. The right choice may not be easy, but when the Word is our guide and worship is our goal, God will grant us the wisdom to make life-affirming choices.

The evidence of God’s guidance can be seen more clearly by looking back than by looking forward.

Truly, choosing life by choosing the will of God is right before our hearts and hands. When did you decide to choose life? Please leave a comment on how you chose God and life. I will even write you back.

See you next Sunday.


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