Staying on top of real estate comps are very important when planning investment deals. Marketing yourself to the right people, the right way, so you can make those deals close is paramount!! On September 24 & 25th I will be speaking in Las Vegas and giving you some of my ‘know how’ on how social networking can boost your real estate business!! Join me and a few of my friends, who just happen to be EXPERTS in their fields, for the FREE MyMark Mastermind Event!!

Here are a few of the dynamic speakers coming to Vegas in September…

Nick Nanton, Esq. -The Celebrity Lawyer, guaranteed to show you how to brand yourself in your real estate niche!

Richard Dolan- Motivational Speaker, Author, and Networking Genius

Richard Seppala- Author of ‘The ROI Guy’, World Renown ROI Marketing Expert

And that’s naming a few! Are you willing to miss this FREE opportunity to grow your business using social networking???

Meet me in Las Vegas on September 24&25 and get ready to launch your business into the stratosphere!!!

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