For the rare moment you aren’t looking up real estate comps here is something to boost your business. I’m sure you are all familiar with various marketing techniques but I wanted to focus in on email marketing and some of the benefits of it. Many of us use snail mail for our business(es) without giving it much thought. I wanted to mention what I think are the 5 most beneficial reasons to explore the world of email marketing.

Many investors only use real estate comps to determine which properties they should pursue. And while InvestorCompsOnline can most certainly be an assist in that quest, we wanted to also help by discussing ways to market those properties you find. While we are shown a sometimes infinite amount of consumer directed messages daily, I feel email marketing is still one of the most effective tools…Below I have listed what I feel are the most promising reasons for taking advantage of this particular style of marketing.


1. The ability to reach a certain target group. Meaning you can send the right message directly to the right people based on their preferences, local market conditions and other factors. You can build one master list, then divide it by geographic location, marital status, gender, age, income, time of year, etc. It eliminates a lot of the guesswork for you thus making it more efficient and effective.

2. The opportunity to actively engage your readers. Your real goal is to build a relationship with a broader base of prospects so they think of you whenever it’s time for them to do business. Email marketing allows you to do that by bringing them community and market news, current mortgage rates, and other timely tips on a regular basis. It’s a positive way to engage them, and to keep them engaged.

3. Email marketing has very little up-front cost, allowing you to market effectively without having to stop your core business work for long periods to get it done.

4. Not being intrusive is very important. Email marketing doesn’t interrupt a prior activity to deliver a message, the way television or radio commercials, or especially telemarketing calls seem to do. Opening e-mail is the activity your customers and prospects are engaged in when they see your message. If you’ve done a good job of building that relationship, they’ll actually look forward to seeing what you have to say.

5. Research supports the productivity of email marketing. According to the DMA’s research, e-mail marketing generated a return on investment of $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009. You’re unlikely to find that kind of ROI out of any other form of marketing or advertising. That, of course, is the best reason of all to launch an e-mail marketing campaign.

Done correctly, e-mail marketing allows you to become (and remain) visible to your customers and prospects with highly-targeted messages at a minimal cost. All while delivering outstanding, measurable results. I encourage each of you to explore the benefits of email marketing and all the opportunities it can afford you!

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