The second building block or component of profitable real estate investing is valuation. Rental properties vary greatly in cost as well as in quality, location, and income potential. It goes without saying that sound real estate investing relies on study and analysis of each one of those factors. Real estate comps gained with your InvestorComps account are essential to calculating valuation information on properties.

The priority is to focus your valuation on your specific market using the data surrounding the type of property you are most interested in buying. Basically said, despite regional and national trends you must get down to the market supply and demand factors right in your local area. Utilize InvestorComps to do your research on the properties in your area. This will give you the opportunity to make informed and confident decisions about the homes you find.

In tomorrow’s blog we will discuss the calculation aspect of property investing. With the knowledge gained from using InvestorComps you can compare the properties and make the most profitable choice with each deal.


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