At all of our InvestorCompsOnline conventions, boot camps, or seminars the issue of marketing comes up at least once if not a hundred times. Someone will mention Facebook (which is a whole different story) and this is always closely followed by a comment about Twitter. So, we at InvestorCompsOnline decided to do the research for you to determine is Twitter worth it? If it IS worth it, how can investors best use it for profitable results? First, let’s look at just what Twitter is and what it can do for your advertising efforts. is a site where an investor can create a profile and become a “micro-blogger” Twitter is like a typical blog (aka web-log) in that it lets you say anything you want to say to anyone and everyone who will view it – with one exception. Twitter only allows a subscriber to express themselves 140 characters at a time. So it’s a kind of like using you cell phone to send the world a brief text message. When you locate a profile of someone whose “tweets” you are interested in, you can “follow” them – whenever they post anything new, it will be visible on your Twitter home page. If anyone finds YOUR profile and follows YOU, then you will be alerted that someone is “following” you. Now that you are aware of the basics, let’s discuss making this a powerful and PROFITABLE tool for you.

Because the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind” is absolutely true, you’ll need to remain active with your “tweeting”. InvestorCompsOnline suggest you should be posting at a minimum, once a day. Find something to “tweet” specific to real estate – something that your “followers” will find useful. If you just start sending info about homes you have for sale, it probably will not get you as far as you planned. Think about it this way – when was the last time you opened and really read an email from someone attempting to sell you something?

If you give your followers information they can use or information they find interesting (even if it ISN’T about real estate) then you’ll have an opportunity to keep their attention. When you gain their trust, they’ll be more willing to consider what you have to say when you do offer them a property you have listed.

Twitter, like other social networking sites, is a wonderful way to network and connect with people – just keep in mind that they are real people and desire to be respected and treated like real people. They aren’t dollar signs. So connect when someone follows you, send them a short personal “tweet” letting them feel you appreciate them.

Remember that being real with others and giving thoughtful content is what Twitter is made for – the profit will follow if you treat people like people and post routinely so that your Twitter marketing is constantly on the radar! The more you “Tweet”, the larger your following will become – and the larger your following, the better your opportunities of communicating with a person who is interested in making a deal – which, of course, means a greater opportunity for you to profit!

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