Many first time real estate investors start out without the help of realtors. They put in the footwork, studying the real estate comps and hunt for the properties themselves. Today let’s take a look at working smart and effectively to reach your financial goals. I want to share with you 3 tips that you can use to locate your ideal property:

1. Get online. As search engines like Google, Yahoo, and even Craigslist has made searching information on the Internet so easy, you should get online and look for property for sale. On the Internet, there are many real estate websites with tons of property listings. In each listing, there will be details like the address, sq ft, number of rooms and pictures. Some of the listings will have selling price too. You can browse through tons of property in your chosen area online without the need to manually visit the properties first. Pick out a few that you like online and arrange appointments with the owners or agents for viewing.

2. Target foreclosure deals. Attend any foreclosure event in your local area to look for bargains and deals.

3. Read your local newspaper. Newspapers are one of the most common channels that people use to list their properties for sale. However, the only disadvantage is that there is limited space available and you will not have the luxury to view pictures of the properties beforehand. Browse through the real estate classified listings and look for potential property for sale.

Ok guys, I hope that you can benefit from these tips that I have shared with you. Use these tips to look for your ideal property now and begin investing now!

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