I love golf and have been a fan of the sport since I was a young man. I especially enjoy following a number of golf professionals and their success. However, during a recent season, most of my favorite players struggled, which frustrated me greatly. Thus, for my own personal mental relief, I took a golf break. For several weeks, I avoided anything to do with tracking my favorite players.

During those golf- fewer weeks, I began to contemplate how difficult it is to give up things we’ve grown accustomed to. Yet there are times when God may want us to.

For instance, we may be involved in an activity that has become all-encompassing and we know it would be best to limit it. Or we may have a habit or practice that we know misses the mark of pleasing God, and we realize that we need to let it go because we love God and want the Lord to be glorified through us.

When we do find things that interfere with our relationship with the Lord, with God’s help we can overcome. God has given us the provision [1 Cor. 10:13], and the Spirit provides the power [, Rom. 8:5].

Let’s ask God to help us not let anything block the glory of the Lord from shining through. Especially the things we think we love so much. My wife often shares a quote which could serve us all well, “All things in moderation”. 

Truly, it is only as we the glory of God shows is us; we discover how much our example can touch those around us. Share when have let go of something you love for God? Leave a comment, your share will bless another. Plus, I will write you back.

See you next Sunday.


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