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The recent pandemic provides a wealth-building opportunity we will never see again.

An unavoidable aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will be a wave of foreclosures. As a real estate investor, this presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. One in which you can build a lifetime of wealth through real estate investing.

Ask yourself, “Are you ready to grab this rare opportunity?”. Do you have the knowledge and tools needed to make smart investing decisions?

The answer for most real estate investors is, unfortunately, “No”.

The average real estate investor is “buying blind”.

That’s because most beginner, intermediate, and even advanced investors are limited by their investment approach and their data. What most investors do is more along the lines of gambling instead of making smart investment decisions.

But it’s not their fault. The old archaic ways of traditional real estate investing are alive and well.

You don’t have to be another investor making gambles instead of smart investment deals

That’s because you can learn everything you need to confidently make smart real estate investing deals at InvestorComps’ FORECLOSURE UNIVERSITY.

It’s happening October 22, 2021 at Spring Hill Suites in South Jordan, Utah. You can attend in person or online from anywhere. Join other smart and successful investors as we share ideas, resources, and insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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You will learn a unique valuation-first approach, discover powerful resources, money-making strategies, and much more. Once the conference is over, you will walk away prepared to take on the upcoming investing boom and be able to consistently build wealth beyond.

Foreclosure University will provide valuable training in areas such as:

  • How to use only the internet and REO websites to find property for sale anywhere in the USA. You can make lucrative, money-making deals from thousands of miles away!
  • How to properly evaluate the neighborhood of a property to help you identify great deals and bad deals.
  • How to determine the condition of the property without ever having to step foot on the property.
  • How to calculate the market price, list price, and the after-repair value of the property so you have the numbers and data needed to back your decisions.

If these topics interest you, then join us. There’s no better time for achieving financial freedom through real estate investing than right now.

FORECLOSURE UNIVERSITY is the place to learn from and connect with other smart investors that strive for greatness!

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