Some ads bring a smile to our face: “The most comfortable socks in the history of feet.” If this were not enough, the claim of good news for feet even further, the marketer stated because socks remain a highly requested item at homeless shelters, for every pair of socks purchased the company would donate a pair.

Imagine the smile when our Lord healed the feet of a man who hadn’t walked for three plus decades (John 5:2–8). Next imagine the opposite look on the faces of the temple officials who weren’t impressed by someone caring for the feet or heart of someone who had gone without help for so long. They accused the man and our Lord of breaking a religious law of doing no work the Sabbath. They saw rules where our Lord saw the need for mercy.

At this point the man didn’t even know who had given him new feet. Only later would he be able to say that it was the Son of God who had made him well, the same one who would allow His own feet to be nailed to a tree to offer that man, including us, the best news in the history of broken bodies, minds, and hearts.

Kindly share your when God blessed you and someone else just didn’t understand your “good news”. Your comment will certainly touch another.

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