All week we have been discussing the essential questions you must ask before purchasing a house. We have discussed the things you need to know about the house, community, neighborhood development plans, rules and regulations, and so much more.

To close out our discussion, we will discuss the ease of getting around in your neighborhood. Many people fall in love with a house and never think of the way the new house will effect their commute, daily activities, and/or shopping experiences. Below are a few questions you should ask that will answer some of these areas of concern.

12. How close are schools and daycare centers?
Will the new schools be convenient to your work commute? If picking up the kids from daycare and school require trips in opposite directions, it may get old fast. Plan daily routines and consider how much driving you’re willing to do.

13. Are there doctors’ offices and hospitals nearby?
This can be an important consideration for parents of small children or for the elderly. You should always know what hospital is the closest to you just in case of emergencies.

14. Is there easy access to highways, airports, trains or subways?
If it means taking 8 trains to get to work or driving 3 hours to catch weekly business flights, consider buying a home closer to these facilities. You should also consider the access to the highway. Many people do not like to have a forty minute drive just to get to the highway which will take them wherever they need to go.

This last week we have had an informative look at the top questions you should ask before buying a house. Be sure to review all the topics before your next purchase!

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