Most astronauts routinely use these words describing the feeling of being launched into space. As their rockets race up the weight of gravity increases and breathing becomes challenging. When they are set to pass out, the rocket makes a bold breakthrough into weightlessness. Rather than lapsing into an unwanted sleep, they typically break into laughter.

Reading in a magazine this description made me think of the days leading to my wife’s grandfather’s death. The heaviness of life kept increasing until he no longer had the strength to breathe. He was then released from his anguish and broke free into the “weightlessness” of heaven. In my mind, I think of him laughing taking his first breath in God’s presence.

Every year on the Friday we call “good,” something quite similar is remembered. God was fixed with the weight of the entire world’s sin; future, present, and past until the Lord could breathe no more. The scriptures say, “God, into Your hands I commit My spirit” Luke 23:46. After being suffocated by our sin, God received back the life made flesh and now lives where sin and death have no power. All who trust the Lord will one-day join God, and I believe we all will look back at this life and laugh.

Let us pray; God in heaven, words cannot describe our gratitude baring the board volume of our sins. Thank You for knowing to be absent from this body with its weighty burdens is to be present with You forever.

Truly, choosing to trust God now will bring delight and laughter in heaven. When did you decide to choose God? Please leave a comment on how you chose God. I will even write you back.

See you next Sunday.


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