When selling your property, the goal is to sell it quickly for the highest price while investing as little as possible in renovations. Keeping tabs on the real estate comps in your local area will help you set a good price. With a limited budget and a little effort, you can greatly increase appeal by focusing on what prospective buyers can see on their first visit. Here are a few recommendations for preparing a property for sale and staging it for showings.
Tip#1: Refresh the exterior of the property

First impressions count when it comes to selling. Most buyers won’t even leave their car if they don’t find the exterior appealing. The best ways to improve your property’s exterior include:
-Repairing and/or replacing trims, shutters, gutters, shingles, mailboxes, window screens, walkways and the driveway.
-Painting siding, trim and shutters and lamp and mailbox posts.
-Pressure washing vinyl siding, roofs, walkways and the driveway.
-Washing windows.

Tip#2: Spruce up the landscape

Buyers associate the condition of your lawn and landscaping with the condition of the property’s interior. By improving the outside, you affect buyers’ impression of the entire property. The best ways to enhance the yard include:
-Mowing and edging the lawn.
-Trimming and/or removing overgrown trees, shrubs and hedges.
-Weeding and mulching plant beds and curbs.
-Planting colorful seasonal flowers in existing plant beds.
-Removing trash, especially along fences and underneath hedges.

Tip #3: Make a warm entrance

The front door to the property should invite buyers to enter. The best ways to improve your entry include:
-Painting the front door in a glossy, cheerful color that complements the exterior.
-Cleaning, polishing and/or replacing the door knocker, locks and handles.
-Repairing and/or replacing the screen door, the doorbell, porch lights and house numbers.
-Placing a new welcome mat and a group of seasonal potted plants and flowers by the entry.

Tip #4: Clean, clean, clean

The cleanliness of the property also influences a buyer’s perception of its condition. The appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms will play a considerable role in a buyer’s decision process, so pay particular attention to these areas. The best ways to improve these areas include:
-Cleaning windows, fixtures, hardware, ceiling fans, vent covers and appliances.
-Cleaning carpets, area rugs and draperies.
-Cleaning inside the refrigerator, the stove and all cabinets.
-Removing stains from carpets, floors, counters, sinks, baths, tile, walls and grout.
-Eliminating house odors, especially if you have pets.

Ok guys, these are just a few tips that are low cost or only cost you a little sweat equity to get your property ready to be sold. In turn putting money in your pocket! Be sure to read tomorrow’s post when I will dicsuss a few more tried and true tips that will improve your properties appeal!

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