by Mark Jackson

Here is something to think about, communications experts tell us that the average person speaks enough to fill 20 word processed pages every day. This means our mouths crank out enough words to fill 2 books of 300 pages each month, 24 books each year, and 1,200 books in 50 years of speaking. Thanks to cell phones, VoIP, voicemail, and face-to-face conversations and now social media, words comprise a large part of our lives. So the kinds of words we use are important.

David’s mouth was filled with praise when he wrote Psalm 126. The Lord had done great things for him and his people. Even the nations around them noticed. Remembering God’s blessings, he said, “Our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing” (v.2).

I challenge you to think of the words you would use in verse 3 had you been writing this psalm? So often, our attitude may seem to be: “The Lord has done great things for me, and I…
…can’t recall any of them right now.”
…am wondering what He’ll do for me next.”
…need much more.”

Or could you finish it by saying, “And I am praising and thanking Him for His goodness”? As you recall God’s blessings today, express your words of praise to Him. I admit often I do not keep the Father first at mind or in my words. Let us all use this message to keep what the Lord is doing through and for us in the words we us.

See you next Sunday,

PS Let no thought linger in your mind that you would be ashamed to let out of your mouth.

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