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Our Genuine Worship is Priceless – Investor Comps

Allow me to share these devotional writings are in fact worship and serve God. So, when a recent subscriber commented they found no value in these Sunday Devotionals, discouragement was an immediate emotional response. A sense of doubt for the significance of my small offerings to God came to mind.

Through prayer, some study of Scripture, and encouragement from my wife, family, and friends, it was affirmed that only the Lord not the opinions of other people could determine any of our motives as a worshiper and the worth of our offerings to God. I asked the Giver of all gifts to continue helping me develop skills and provide opportunities to share the resources He gives me.

The Son of God contradicted our standards of merit regarding our giving (Mark 12:41–44).

While the rich tossed large amounts of money into the temple treasury, a poor widow put in coins “worth less than a US dollar”. The Lord declared her gift greater than the rest, though her contribution seemed insignificant to those around h

Although the widow’s story focuses on financial offerings, every act of giving can be an expression of worship and loving obedience. Like the widow, we honor God with intentional, generous, and sacrificial gifts given from whatever the Lord has already given us. When we present God the best of our time, talents, or treasure with hearts motivated by love, we are lavishing God with offerings of priceless worship.

Kindly share your simple but genuine offerings to God, which may have been questioned by a passerby as fleeting. Your comment will certainly touch another.

See you next Sunday


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