Puerto Rico Mastermind Agenda

JULY 22 - DAY 1

Creating Wealth with Valuation Based Real Estate

  • Acquisition strategies – Includes this and more:
    • Identifying top places for high ROI real estate
    • Method to decide whether it’s “deal” or “no deal” in under 7 minutes
    • How to avoid the BIGGEST mistakes virtual investors make
    • Discover the fastest & easiest way to find your next real estate deal
  • Valuation and location
    • How to make your profit when you buy
    • Gain confidence by knowing the REAL value of a property
    • Learn to essentially “pick your profits” by picking your location
    • Easy access to tools you need to evaluate properties & locations
  • Picking your market…can you really buy all over the world?
  • Is real estate really a passive investment?
  • Virtual Investing – Do’s and Dont’s
  • Building a business that runs with, or without, you around
  • Unlock the mindset of a successful investor

Event Space: Salon Del Mar A
Lunch will be served at La Playa Buffet

JULY 23 - DAY 2

Keeping Your Wealth

  • Asset Protection – Includes this and more:
    • How to both keep and protect your wealth
    • Learn ways to outsmart lawyers who are coming after your wealth
  • Safe & Creative Tax Strategies – Includes this and more:
    • How to cut your tax bill by 50% or more without moving to Puerto Rico
    • Discover how you can pay only 4% in federal income tax
  • Is it possible to only pay 4% Federal Tax?
  • Your business can be anywhere. How to choose wisely.
  • Puerto Rico ACT 60… is it right for you?
  • Discover how to save 50% in business tax without moving to P.R.
  • Reduce all U.S. Federal tax to 4% by moving to P.R.
  • Meet the Professionals – M.J.’s Team
    • M.J.’s P.R. Tax Atty
    • MJ’s PR CPA
    • MJ’s Lobbyist Atty

Event Space: Salon Del Mar A
Lunch will be served at La Playa Buffet

july 24 - day 3

Time to Launch!

Get out on the water on a Catamaran Cruise and enjoy beautiful San Juan with your newfound knowledge and connections

** Speakers will be announced.