PF Coaching $4997


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Welcome To
MJ’s Private Funding Coaching Program


  • Weekly Private Group Coaching Calls w/ MJ
  • Learn to find, value, contract, rehab, market and close a deal of
    your own.
  • Partnership on Deals (Walk you through a deal and share the net
  • Access to (Private
    Funding by MJ
  • Exclusive Internet Marketing & SEO Tactics (Special
    Underground tips from MJ)
  • Complimentary InvestorCompsOnline ValuePro Elite ($99 p/m
    Value providing 24/7 access to Valuation Assistance) for first 30 days
  • Full Version of MJ’s NEW REO DEAL Training (Lifetime Membership)
  • Full Version of MJ’s Know Your ARV
    Valuation Training (Lifetime Membership)
  • Private Funding & Calls and Deal Partnering runs a Full 4 Mos.


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