Real estate comps are the first step in any real estate investment deal and your InvestorComps access covers that for you. Now, when you’re working in the real estate investment industry selling Bulk REOs, you need to map out your method of operation to maximize your profitability. You may be wondering how you profit from Bulk REOs, since everyone, from the buyer and the seller, and in between, is trying to get a steep discount. Glad you asked, I’m going to tell you how.

Buyer’s Choice

My second step is giving your buyer (Private Equity Fund, Hedge Fund, high net worth investors, etc.) the opportunity to “cherry pick” homes from your Bulk REO package. For example, if I send you over a package of 100 homes, there may be six houses in one given market an investor may want to buy, versus the entire package. Let’s say I sell you those six homes at $10,000 a piece, but you sell those same six homes to a local investor for $15,000 a piece. You made yourself between $30,000 just from one transaction.

Buying from Banks

Third, you can buy directly from the bank if you have cash. This is where the greatest discount is available and where the highest profit margin can be earned. The banks are desperately trying to get rid of the surplus of distressed properties on their books and will sell at.25-.6 Par.

These are the main money making possibilities when you’re a Bulk REO Investor. This business is about who you know. Don’t be afraid to make cold calls, attend networking events, pass-out flyers, and any other form of marketing to make new contacts. Use the law of supply and demand to your advantage- where you have access to the coveted supply of Bulk REO’s, and YOU are in high demand for access to them.

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