We all know how important real estate comps are to the property investment field. Once you’ve researched and found those great deals then it’s time to make a purchase. Enter the deal after gaining detailed information from your InvestorComps account concerning past history and similar comps on the property.

Some useful tips to be borne in mind for any deals are:

Understanding the market: The current value assumed for a property should be compared to other recently closed deals in the locality. Appreciation of the value of the property should be researched based on market predictions, government regulations and chances of development of the locality itself. You can even get information about the locality from local newspapers or news letters.


Managing finances: One must be sure of the limit of financial liability that can be undertaken. Once this is determined, one can use InvestorComs to research to find a property in an up-coming locality, evaluate the correct price for the property, bargain with the realtor or builder for a comfortable price and consider for taxes, extra costs and other expenses keeping the closing price in mind.

Signing the contract: This is the last step for making a deal. One must read and understand all the terms and conditions in the deed, check with an attorney for legalities and re-check the cost and figures quoted. Any revision of costs must be cleared and negotiated with the other party.

Now that your do diligence has been done and the contract signed….Congratulations on the purchase of your investment property! Following these simple steps can help you profit in the investment field every time!

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