Buy Or Walk Away?

Real Estate Wholesaling Can Change Your Life…If You Treat It Like A Business!

Real estate wholesaling can change your life if you start now and start right. On the other hand, if you approach the real estate flipping business carelessly, or any other real estate niche opportunity for that matter, you will waste time, burn out and earn nothing.

Cheerful, huh!

It’s very important that you understand the factors that can lead to your success or failure as a real estate flipper. Make your profit when you buy! Buying right can make or break you in real estate.

Making a profitable offer on a property requires confidence in your knowledge of how much the property will re-sell for, how much repairs might cost and confidence in your ability to deal with the inevitable contingencies that come up. Such knowledge takes some time to develop but I can help with my system and the real estate comps and training at InvestorCompscount), putting the property under contract and either assigning the contract or re-selling the property to an investor buyer.

It especially refers to the “unimproved” resale of such discounted properties to the sort of buyers who either intend to fix and sell (rehabbers) or hold as a rental (landlords).

Wholesaling real estate is in my experience the simplest and most elegant way a relative newcomer to real estate can successfully make money real estate investing with no bank financing, very little money and no repair hassles.

If you intend to build wealth with rehab real estate or rental property investing, wholesaling provides the most useful and profitable real estate investment education.

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