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Rejoice Always and Give Thanks – Investor Comps

Rejoice Always and Give Thanks

This week we take time in the states and aboard to share and care with loved ones, family, friends, associates, new acquaintances, neighborhoods...the list goes on an on. As we gather to rejoice and give thanks to God for all the Lord has brought us through the past twelve months. We even give thanks for those who may not be with us anymore, because their wonderful spirits live on inside of us.

God shared through his servant Paul in a letter to people in Thessalonica to Truly this is special and elegant scripture as we can live it every day. We should rejoice and pray and give thanks to a God who loves each and everyone of us as a mother loves their child.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God… for you.
1 Thes 5:16-17.

I can remember earlier this year, a young lady reached out to share see was losing her home. Over the course of three years, family income steadily went down. In time, the mortgage went unpaid to keep food on the table. And now as foreclosure loomed, she still remembered to rejoice, pray and give thanks.

As it turned out, she continued to tithe as much as she could. Even though there was lacking in her home, she her husband and children continued to volunteer and perform community service often. It was in her sharing with another volunteer the mighty spirit of the Lord came through. This fellow volunteer served on the board of a Community Development Corporation (CDC). The board member put a staff in touch with the young lady and helped family quality for a new low cost home. To God be the glory.

When we rejoice, pray and give thanks even in our troubles, is when God can grow us the most. Think of faith like exercise. When we work a certain muscle it can lift more, walk or run further. As we exercise our faith in God, the Lord can open more of that amazing grace to each and everyone of us.

As you take time to be with and give to others this Thanksgiving week, be mindful to rejoice with them all God is and has done for you.

Have a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. Rejoice and give thanks.

See you next Sunday.


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