One of our members told me, that when she looked at her retirement account statement the other day she remembered how it used to be worth twice as much … 20 years of savings and half of it evaporated … gone …. with the Market.

Like 96% of most savers she had her retirement in traditional IRA’s and even 5 figures worth in a 401K with a former employer she never moved over. She had been paying her broker hefty annual fees to manage her nest egg and he’s managed to make it worth 50% less. Does this sound like you?

What really bothers me is that a Bloomberg report estimates that Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan paid out BONUSES in excess of $30 Billion for 2009.

With ZERO inflation adjusted returns on the S&P 500 over the past 15 years, bond yields at 3.5%, inflation averaging 3% and our Broker taking out their fees (even as they manage our nest-egg lower) will we ever be able to retire?

But many times we are Blessed. I was blessed to learn about a little known “Hero” who helps us take back control of our retirement accounts. He’s letting people know the insider secrets of a program the Government created in 1974. And this Thursday I have convinced him to teach us how to build our retirement accounts easily and quickly.

Only 4% of the “Smart Money” knows what he is teaching. The other 96% leave their retirement in the greedy hands of Wall Street, Brokers and/or 401K/IRA administrator; like the unfortunate example above.

I had to let you know about what he is teaching … for example you can invest your IRA in real estate flips (amongst other things) and let the tax deferred profits be invested into another bigger deal and let the tax deferred profits from that deal be invested into another bigger deal and … you get the idea.

The key is… tax deferred profits … this is the power of compounding at it’s best. You will have checkbook access to your money and be able to react quickly when the right deal comes along. You won’t need to wait for a Bank or Lender …
YOU become your own bank.
You control your retirement account.
You don’t pay your Broker and 401k/IRA administrator any ongoing fees.

How quickly do you think you could make your retirement account grow with this scenario?

As you can imagine this little known “Hero” is very much in demand but I’ve persuaded him to be on a webinar so that you can learn the secrets and become part of the 4% “Smart Money” that controls their retirement. You absolutely must join this exclusive webinar this Thursday (tomorrow) 9PM EST. Your retirement depends on it.

To Your Success,
MJ in my PJs

PS. Leave your wallet at home since this exclusive webinar will be content only. Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of the 4% and take full control of your retirement. Thursday Feb 25, 2009 9pm EST

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