In the current real estate market there are more sellers than buyers and, according to real estate comps information, houses have gone from being on the market for an average of 42 days a year ago to an incredible average of 120 days or more! So how do you sell your property in a slow real estate market? How do you make buyers fall in love with your property?

I realized very early on in my real estate investing career that a well presented house made a huge difference to the amount of profit I made – in fact I made thousands extra because of the effort I put into presenting my renovated properties for sale.

Home staging is not a new concept for sellers in the real estate market so it is fast becoming the way of the future especially if you want to sell your house in a slow market.

Keep in mind that when it first penetrated the public’s consciousness on a professional level it was thought of as a luxury. Today it has become a standard operating procedure for properties being prepared for sale. It is a genuine growth industry as people have realised it has added value to the user. In short, it is a necessary part of optimising your return out of a property sale.”

Now more than ever vendors need specialised help to sell their property faster and for more and staging is a surefire way to give your home a competitive edge over other properties on the market. House Staging will help you sell your house in any market.

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