Taking advantage of real estate comps to determine your sales price is a good way to begin any property sale. Every property should be properly prepared for the real estate market regardless of location and price if you are serious about selling. Here are some different thoughts on staging empty houses in today’s real estate business.

Vacant properties look larger for sure and buyers can visualize their stuff in there better. It is safer and cheaper to go this way because there is nothing to turn off the possible buyer, if the house has acceptable colors and cleaned, except location and price of course.

Staging an empty house helps possible buyers see how their life in that specific property feels. Possible home buyers should feel like someone is living in the house with limited furniture.

Most buyers want to see “move-in ready” homes. Staging will give it that extra distinction that will separate your property from the competition. After a day of viewing homes, buyers will remember your property more clearly than similar properties. Since staged homes generally sell faster than non-staged properties, the cost of staging might be less expensive than having to do your first price reduction in today’s real estate market.

Remember your goal in preparing your property for sale is to create the most attractive product on the current market at that time. That is how you will attract the most buyers and get the highest amount from wiling, able home buyers.

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