Staging Your Property To SellWhat does it mean to stage a property for sale? Staging is simply the process of preparing a property for sale so that it is visually pleasing to a buyer. In fact there are several businesses that do nothing else but help owners stage their homes for sale. Cleaning, storing, organizing, and fixing broken items are the first phase of staging. The last phase of staging is simply the art of placing items and arranging furniture to make each room more inviting and appealing. Often overlooked, this last step of staging is the easiest and most fun to accomplish foyer or entryway: Fresh flowers or a plant make a nice welcoming impression.  Here are two main areas to focus in on when staging a vacant home.

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. To help buyers envision enjoying and using your kitchen, have a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter or table. Perhaps some freshly baked cookies to give the home a warm and inviting scent.  Try placing a cookbook open on a stand to a cookie recipe next to a wooden spoon and mixing bowl.

Living Room or Family Room: Music is wonderful if played softly in the background and the selection is pleasing. It will create a warm comfortable feel to the room. Be sure that your furniture is arranged in an inviting manner. Try to avoid placing the backs of furniture to the main entrance into the room. Mirrors should be hung to reflect attractive views, not blank walls. Fireplaces, if wood burning, should be clean and look ready to light. Unused fireplaces look warm when filled with candles.

These two main rooms are great focal points for potential buyers.  Taking the time to make sure that the staging is done properly will save you in the long run.  Use staging to your advantage by making a property look like home.

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