Have you been thinking of investing your money on real estate? Simple real estate comps searches tell us that now is the time to buy because of the low prices. For sure, you have been starting to have doubts whether it would be a wise decision or not since the country has not fully recovered yet from recession.

Well, to tell you the truth, real estate is still a good investment even now. There are some states that are selling properties way below value and this is the right time to go and buy them now.

Here are the reasons why real estate is still a good investment:

1. Value of the property does appreciate. We are still recovering from economic recession and are slowly on our way up, the prices of real estate properties will eventually go up when time passes by.

2. Value or equity. Taking advantage of the market and jumping on the loads of short sales and foreclosures often can net you instant equity. There are a lot of houses on sale online and even at an auction sale for you to buy. Some do come at higher prices but most of them will be affordable and fit your budget.

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow and I will talk more about why real estate is still the best investment!

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