I have been a user for only a few months. I was surprised when I got a server error. The response from the phone in support was immediate. The service means as much to me as the data. Keep it up InvestorCompsOnline

– housebankman427

My biggest challenge these days has been getting funds to actual purchase the deals I get under contract. I have been looking on the internet for differnet methods or systems. Then MJ did a Tele seminar talking about this exact topic. He and a guest speaker walker through self directed 401k’s, how to find high net worth investors, even good hard money lenders who lend based on the deal not my credit. Without the InvestorCompsOnline and MJ my investing days were going to be real short. After doing the things MJ said I now have three good sources of funds and have done one deal which paid me over $15,000. InvestorCompsOnline has been the difference between success and failure.
Thank you very much MJ

– gogetcomps

Support System

I have been investing for 20 years doing single family houses. I have always thought I knew how to value property real well. I have done court house searches and used a number of web sites from county sites online. But with all the foreclosure activity there is no way I could figure out the value any more. A friend told me about InvestorCompsOnline and their Support System which is live 24/7 to help value the deals I am looking at. I looked up the
comps, sent the report and a couple of pictures I had. In a few hours the team got back to me with suggestions on the price I should pay and what I could sell the property for. The best part is, they helped me understand how to value deals not just in my market but anywhere in the country. It’s like they weren’t worried I could learn to do this on my own and leave. I like that kind of attitude. I am so thankful for InvestorCompsOnline and the Support System tool. You helped me complete a deal I just couldn’t figure out on my own. I just made $6,700!! You better believe I won’t be going anywhere else to get my comps data.
Thx Bernard

– bmack

Last week MJ did a training on how to find REO’s online using bank owned web sites. I never knew you could find property this way. MJ you saved my business becasue I just couldn’t spend any more more on marketing. Using your system I can find an endless number of deals and never send a dime.
InvestorCompsOnline and MJ are the best!

– DButler

Doing a Rehab

I just listened to a past Tele Seminar on the Support System about the difference in materials to use on a rehab. I always thought if I did a house they want I would want to live that was sufficient. Wrong! MJ laid out
the big picture about knowing the market your in and when you need better materials then the ones I would have used. Recently I did a rehab that would not sell. I made one change; removing the vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom floors and
putting down some tile from Home Depot. the house sold the next weekend. If not for InvestorCompsOnline and their great training I would have lost money on the house. I look forward to listening to more of your trainings.

– smadrell1

I have been using Investor Comps Online for a few days now and I have found it is saving me lot’s of time in evaluating properties and giving the data for me to do a more precise and effective evaluation.
Thank you! Roberto

– rmazzoni

Where have you been

Investor Comps, where have you been??? Your program is making my career as an investor much more productive and profitable. My profits have dramatically improved because of your one-on-one coaching.
Thank you.

– hcampbell

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