For many people Twitter is and has been a valuable tool. More recently, a lot of conversations have started to focus on social media ROI, that is, your return on investment. As you research real estate comps and utilize your InvestorCompsOnline account to grow your business, I believe Twitter will benefit you greatly! However, you might be logging hours online, updating your statuses and sending tweets, but what are you getting in return? Do you know?

Before you even begin to think how to measure ROI, the fact remains that if you are not providing quality content to your followers, a million tweets isn’t going to get you much in the way of business. Are your followers being engaged? Are you providing quality information? Are you prompting them to respond or giving them some sort of call to action? Once you can answers these questions with a resounding “yes,” then it’s time to start tracking your results.

Here are four ways to measure your ROI and see if it’s where you hope to be, according to

  • Keep a tally of questions answered, customer problems resolved and positive exchanges held on Twitter. Do the percentages change over time?
  • When you offer deals via Twitter, use a unique code so that you can tell how many people take you up on that Twitter-based promotion. If you have an online presence, you can also set up a landing page for a promotion, to track not only click-throughs but further behavior and conversions.
  • Use third-party tools to figure out how much traffic your websites are receiving from Twitter.
  • Track click-throughs on any link you post in a tweet. Some URL shortening services let you track click-throughs.

Take advantage of all the free marketing that Twitter can provide. Adding to it your knowledge gained through your InvestorCompsOnline access will equal business success!

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