This week we’ve been discussing the top questions you must ask before you buy a property.

5. How much are utilities?
Many buyers don’t look at the big picture when adding up expenses for the purchase of a new home. It is okay to ask sellers for their average monthly electrical, gas and water bill amount. Budgeting for utility costs could be a determining factor when choosing one home over another.

6. Does it have a termite control contract?
Many areas of the southern United States require home sellers to have a current termite control policy before closing. In these parts of the country, any gaps in treatment or lack of a contract should be a red flag. You should also find out when the contract should be renewed and what is involved to do this.

Tip: Research the pest control company and make sure they treat for subterranean termites as well.

Check back again tomorrow when we discuss the next two questions you should ask before buying a home.

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