This week I will be discussing the top 14 questions you should ask before you buy any property.

Today let’s talk about the importance of knowing the age of the structure and components of a property.

3. How old are the major mechanicals?
You should find out (at least approximately) how old the furnace, water heater and central air conditioner are. Even if the sellers offer a home warranty, ask and if your concerned about the longevity have a professional certify it.
Replacing a water heater or furnace can cost thousands. This information becomes very valuable when negotiating a purchase price.

4. How old is the roof?
An old, leaky roof can quickly ruin an otherwise pristine home and replacing a typical asphalt shingle roof costs thousands of dollars. Not to mention the interior damage a leaking roof can cause. There could be drywall, insulation, and painting work to do.
Harsh climates and unrepaired hail damage can shorten a roof’s lifespan as well. If you are unsure, a qualified inspector can accurately evaluate the roof’s condition.

Tomorrow we will take a look at a couple of the least remembered items that should also be considered before purchasing a home.

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