If ever you take a trip to New York to leave an afternoon with some family and/or friends, pile into a cab and head for the Empire State Building. The ride on the ground will not doubt seem chaotic and dangerous. However, when you get to the observation deck of that awesome skyscraper and look down on the city streets, to your amazement you’ll see order and design. What a difference in the change in perspective will make!

God tries to teach us to learn similar lessons through the scriptures. When one man looked at life from his earthly vantage point, it seemed that God was indifferent to the evil permeating society. But God gives us at times a divine perspective and shows us life is more than what it seems. The deeds of people anywhere cannot thwart the purposes of God.

Those who don’t show any regard for God may seem to prosper at the moment, but God will ultimately right all wrong. God acts sovereignly in all that comes to pass so that everything works toward God’s good purpose. God’s plan has and will surely take place on schedule.

We can not possibly sort out the whole picture from where we are in life, only God can. So let us continue to live by faith and not by sight. From God’s perspective, all things are working together for our good bringing honor to the Lord.

Truly, our times are in God’s hands, our souls are in God’s keeping. Share when have you gained a different perspective of life as a result of leaning on God. Leave a comment, your share will bless another. Plus, I will write you back.

See you next Sunday.


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