Has this ever happen, you felt that your life was ruined as a result of having done something embarrassing, shameful, or possibly even illegal only to wake up and realize it was just a dream? But what if it wasn’t just a nightmare? What if the situation was all too real, for yourself or someone you love?

In literature of many sorts, this is the situation confronted by heroes and heroines. The typical story of an individual who discovers they may have been speaking for a person or situation they not even sure they believe in. Later, only to discover they are called to aide another who terribly upset, haunted by a very rude insult they knowingly committed with intention to harm.

Now for the heart rending struggle which follows, the hero or heroine discover what we all need to see. The relief of waking up from a bad dream is nothing compared to waking to the reality, which we once thought was too good to be true.

Where may we find the mercy and grace we so desperately need? It is found in in our loving God, who, from said to a dying criminal who turned for help, “Today you will be with me in paradise”.

Dear God in heaven, please help us to believe our forgiveness is as real as the price paid for our rescue.

Truly, discovering and accepting God’s mercy and grace in our waking lives is priceless. Share when have you felt God’s mercy and grace in your waking life. Please leave a comment, your share will certainly touch another. I will even write you back.

See you next Sunday.


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