Investors turn to real estate comps to figure out how much a property might be worth to give them insight on bidding. InvestorCompsOnline provides you with the platform to work with current and accurate comps every time. However, finding the right comps to match the type of property you want to buy is the tricky part. If you can only find houses sold over a year ago, you should probably estimate appreciation in the area or if in a distressed market depreciation. If one sold with seller financing, you have to adjust for how this affected the price. These complications make it tough to appraise your own home, so what if you need help?

There are other ways to find out what a property is worth. You can pay for a professional appraisal. This way you will also have something to show to prospective buyers who doubt the value. Be sure to tell the appraiser about anything he or she might miss, like a newer roof, or specially imported tiles.

Once you have the knowledge of what a property is worth then you can bid confidently, invest wisely, and resale with valid information.

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