When writing an offer letter on a house it is important to keep in mind this may be the only opportunity you have to directly talk to the seller instead of their agent. This may be the only real chance you have of getting the seller to see you are perfect new owner of their house. Even if you are looking at renting or flipping houses, your offer letter could make or break the deal. Use the opportunity to make the owner feel a connection to you and your plans for the house.

Be sure to include details such as names, ages and relationships of all members of your family. Write a quick note about other homes you have owned and an explanation of how they tie into this new home you are trying to purchase.
Also tell them about your education, where you work, and how much work it has been to reach a point where you have the ability to make an offer on a house like the one you are looking at.

Tell the current owner very specific reasons why you would be a great choice to sell their home to. Tell the owner why you must own specifically this property. List the home’s assets that drew you to make the decision to buy it. If you are planning on renting or flipping the house, be honest. Honestly can quite often go far in a business transaction.

Be very clear and concise in your letter. This isn’t always an easy part of the process as buying a home is an emotional thing to go through. Don’t get so excited about making the offer that you chance leaving out important details about you and your plans. If you do make this mistake, it gives the owner a solid reason to write a counter offer and with the counter offer comes the agent’s ability to change the deal even further in his clients favor. Try to make sure your offer is a no brainer and obviously the right choice.

Make sure you are very specific about why it would be better to sell to you rather than anyone else. Outline with the owner what you will be doing with their house and their land more so than anyone else. The benefit of writing a letter like this is that it is specific and tells the current owner specifically why you are the best choice for the property they are selling.
Share details about your realtor, including his or her background and level of experience. If he/she is a full-time agent, state so.

Also list any services or experience that your agent has that could help the transaction go smoothly. Talk him or her up and let the seller know how happy and excited you are to be working with your chosen real estate agent.

Many home purchasers do not even bother to write anything personal in their offer letter, doing these tips above will make your offer stand out above the rest!

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